You may have noticed that cafes and coffee shops are coming out with a variety of coffee blends and strengths. If you’re someone who sticks to what they like, these new varieties of joe can seem a little confusing and unnecessary. Allow us to explain the difference between your local coffee shops new brews.

  1. Light Roast- Most coffee shops will carry a light roast blend because its easier on the palette. The acidity and boldness of the coffee are duller than in stronger roasts and that appeals to many avid coffee drinkers. The main benefit of light roast coffee is that it contains more caffeine than other roasts since the coffee beans aren’t roasted for very long.
  2. Dark Roast- The newest trend for commercial coffee shops to partake in is offering a dark roast blend of coffee. The flavor is usually bold, full-on, and somewhat acidic. There is less caffeine in dark roast blends because to get that dark flavor, the beans are roasted longer than usual which burns of the caffeinated elements.

There you have it, folks! Those are the main differences between the new coffee blends your local coffee shop is offering.

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