When someone says dental guards, people usually think about ones used by sportsmen. Of course, they are far more common than the ones used by people who are facing some health issues. The most frequent problem is called teeth grinding, or bruxism. Mostly, people are experiencing this while they sleep. Recent researches are saying that 80% of teeth grinding episodes is followed by noise.

There are various types of dental guards you can use. From plastic ones to the ones made by a professional. No matter the type someone is using, they all have a similar purpose. However, dental guards have pros and cons too.

Pros and Cons of Dental Guards

As we already said, dental guards’ user will probably face its advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Every type has them. So this shouldn`t influence your choice. Now, we will present you what they are.


  • The effects of bruxism will be reduced and cured at some moment.
  • The pain the patient will endure during this process will be reduced as well.


  • Sleeping with something in your mouth is not comfortable. Imagine how hard is to sleep with a prothesis.
  • Dental guards are pretty expensive. Some people are using them for only one night. After that, they need to buy another one.

Types of Dental Guards

When it comes to types of dental guards, there three of them. There are customized ones, disposable, and the boil-and-bite dental guards. We are going to talk about them in a greater detail.

Customized Guards

This option is the most expensive one. The cost of customized guards is around 500$. However, it is the most practical and lasting one. The professional would make a model of patient’s teeth. After that, this model will be formed to match patient’s teeth perfectly. Of course, this depends on how hard the case of bruxism patient has.

 Disposable Dental Guards

The dentists are prescribing this type of dental guards for patients with a small case of bruxism. Naturally, they are cheaper than the other two guards. You would probably get a few of them in a pack, and change when one slips too far down. Of course, because of their nature, they are more comfortable than others. Although, they can cause problems if they fall out of place. If that happens, their effects are wasted.

Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guards

As the name says, the patients would need to boil them before using. How long the boiling should last will be decided by the dentist. By doing so, the material will become softer so the patients would have fewer difficulties when using. This type of dental guards will last more than disposable guards. Boil-and-Bite guards are mostly used when the patient is sleeping and only for medium cases of bruxism.


Although the use of guards is declining in recent times, they proved really helpful for curing bruxism cases. It is recommended to consult with your dentist before using them. That way, you will see how serious is your bruxism and the doctor will prescribe the accurate treatment. lo

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